Rp600,000.00 for 1 year


InstaShow is a premium Instagram feed plugin for creating charming galleries of Instagram images. Take the advantage of an all-new multipurpose responsive Instagram plugin for displaying various photos from Instagram with great number of possibilities to determine necessary resources and to set up additional filters.

Instagram photos allow you to expand your social media reach. It can help you to gain more followers, while increasing visibility and impact for your Instagram posts.

According to statistics, 5 percent of people on Instagram take action after being inspired by a post. This action might involve searching, shopping, visiting the website, or sending it to friends. Regardless of the action, a 5% conversion rate is better than most online marketing activities can return.

By driving traffic to a company’s social media platforms, you work to increase the brand’s overall social media influence, which then helps to build relationships and long-term customers. Embedding a business’s Instagram feed on your website is an enticing attraction, especially for your regular customers to update them on new products or services. From another perspective, it can act as a portfolio of sorts to direct prospects, giving visual examples of what you sell.

In general, an Instagram account can help a brand to build a stronger brand image and grow trust with their customer base, even more so than other platforms. The visual nature of Instagram encourages people to create user generated content for brands to feature and repost on their feed. The interactions that take place on Instagram can serve as feedback as well as a source of testimonials from customers.

If you’re still not convinced that investing in Instagram, and displaying an Instagram feed on your websites, think about how it can also help you to increase brand credibility and authenticity. Adding an Instagram feed (and other social media platform feeds) on your website will show that you have a consistent and strong social media business presence. Regardless of the follower count, it feels weird to come across a brand that cannot claim consistency on even one social network.


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